learning @ hhsc

Learning has always been central to work and life at Hamilton Health Sciences. Now it’s embedded in our Strategic Plan. Improved access to relevant and meaningful education and training are transforming this organization. It is helping us attract, develop and support the best talent in healthcare in Canada. And it is open to all.


Embrace Learning

When you ’embrace’ learning, you take control of your future. There’s nothing passive here. This is about being deliberate and passionate – about being better tomorrow than we are today, every day.

Staff and Physicians throughout Hamilton Health Sciences specifically asked for improved people development in the 2012 and 2014 My Voice Matters Survey. The Centre for People Development is our response. The Centre provides improved access to programs, courses and activities that are relevant to the needs of the organization, to individual departments, to the development aspirations of individuals and to the communities we serve.

By highlighting the human element in our Corporate Vision – Best Care For All – we focus our passion and our commitment on leadership and patient care skills that are essential to how this organization operates today and for the future.


Empower Care

Independent research indicates that strong people development is key to strategic and operational performance at any organization. So what does improving strategic and operational performance mean here at Hamilton Health Sciences? It means the primary result of people development at HHS will be empowered care. And that is the Best Care for All.

Leadership in research, medicine, in collaboration skills, management, teamwork, in healthcare delivery and partnering will impact positively our agility, productivity and our ability to care at a higher level and as one. What you end up with, both directly and indirectly, is a team of 11,000 capable leaders here in Hamilton just as the healthcare industry at large faces its greatest challenge over the next several decades.


Everyone is Welcome

Everyone at Hamilton Health Sciences has the capacity to lead. The Centre for People Development will provide opportunities to learn the skills you need to enable that capacity.

We encourage you to explore the courses and programs that will contribute to your professional and personal development.



"I don't think leadership is only top down, and thus think this course is so applicable to anyone at any stage in their career. I was slightly intimidated going into the course - concerned I'd be the only one without a defined leadership role - but it never felt that way once during the course. I also wasn't the only one."
- course participant, The Coaching Habit


"I feel that this was the most valuable workshop I've attended in my 27 years at HHS. I enjoyed it thoroughly and will absolutely apply the tools (learned in this course) to my practice and my life."
- course participant, Caregiver Fatigue and Trauma Exposure


“All of the meditation, breathing and mindful eating exercises gave me the tools I needed to deal with stress in my life."
- mindfulness practitioner, One Day Silent Retreat


"A great overview - this course gave me a true picture of the challenges and the importance of proper coding, as well as the complexity of the process. I now recognize a valuable resource I can tap into."
- course participant, Healthcare Financial Management - Part 2


"I feel that the skills I learned from this course can be applied to anyone entering into dialogue to guarantee a safe, pleasant productive environment. The skills are transferable between work and at home - I'll definitely be putting (these skills) to work as a parent. We all can use and improve our conversation abilities."
- course participant, Crucial Conversations