Leads in a Caring Environment Framework

The LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework is a foundational element for health leadership development in Canada. It defines the knowledge, skills and attitudes a leader needs to successfully contribute to an effective, efficient Canadian health care system. It presents a common understanding of what good leadership looks like.

The dimensions of the framework represent the collective wisdom of the current literature on health leadership, leadership development and the capabilities required by leaders dedicated to making meaningful health system change. The framework is informed by, and extends to, the work done in the creation of major, progressive leadership frameworks in the public and private health sectors around the world.

A key foundation for the LEADS framework is CARING - for patients, for staff and for the health of citizens. CARING is the common thread that unites all health leaders. For a health provider, caring means delivering the best and most appropriate service with compassion and support. For the leader, caring means that compassion and support infuse our collective efforts to build a more effective health system.

Caring leaders maximize the potential for universal, efficient and effective service delivery to all Canadians.

All leaders, regardless of their role or position in the health system, must be able to lead themselves, engage others, achieve results, develop coalitions and conduct systems transformation in order to create the health care system of the future.

For more information on LEADS, contact: The Centre for People Development or visit: www.leadersforlife.ca.