Course Details

Crucial Conversations – February 2019

A program that equips you to have crucial conversations, engage in healthy dialogue, take action, and achieve results. Taught worldwide, this course has a proven impact on productivity and teamwork.

Date Learning Hours Non-HHS Fee($) HHS Fee($) CCHL Fee($) Location
2019/02/08 14 750 500 725 Feb.8 - JH A4-4; Feb. 14-JH A4-7 Conf Rm #2

Date: 08-02-2019 All Day

Date: 14-02-2019 All Day

Course Description:

A Crucial Conversation is a discussion between 2 or more people where the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. These conversations, when handled poorly or ignored, lead to strained relationships and disappointing results. This course, which focuses on crucial conversations in a healthcare environment, will equip you to have crucial conversations, engage in healthy dialogue, take action and achieve results.

This program, which is taught worldwide, has a proven impact on productivity and quality, teamwork, relationships, performance and efficiency.

LEADS Domain: Lead Self / Engage Others

Learning Hours: 14

Date(s): Friday February 8, 2019 and Thursday February 14, 2019 (and Thursday March 14 - Post Teleconference: ½ hr. at 2:00PM)

Time(s): 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Location(s): Feb.8 - JH A4-4;   Feb. 14-JH A4-7 Conf Rm #2

Target Audience:

All HHS Staff and Physicians

CQI Learning:

Highly Recommended for:

  • Physician Leaders

  • Clinical Leaders/Supervisors

  • Charge Nurses


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Stay focused on what you really want throughout an entire dialogue

  • Hold a conversation when you are angry, scared or hurt and “think” your way to the root cause of negative emotions

  • Share strong opinions without shutting down contrary views

  • Speak persuasively, not abrasively

  • Build acceptance rather than resistance

  • Foster teamwork and better decision making

  • Resolve individual and group disagreements

Faculty Team:

Elaine Principi; Chief of Interprofessional Practice, Hamilton Health Sciences

Beth Morris, Chief of Interprofessional Practice

Special Course Features:

Lunch is provided.

All participants will receive:

  • the Crucial Conversations Participant Toolkit (157 page training workbook)

  • cue cards and model card

  • a copy of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes Are High, 2nd Edition

  • Crucial Conversations Audio Companion

  • access to a participant website

  • participate in a post program group teleconference to share ways in which they have applied their learning on Thursday March 14 - Post Teleconference: ½ hr. at 2:00 pm



MAINTENANCE OF CERTIFICATION:  Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 14 Category I credits towards their maintenance of certification requirement